Choosing the Best Box & Display Supplier

Finding the right box supplier is a little like shopping for a new car – there are dozens of makes and models from which to choose.  With half a dozen Arizona box shops ready and willing to promise you anything, keep in mind, that no two box shops  are exactly alike: their capacities and capabilities can vary greatly. Selecting the best vendor for your project depends on  a number of key parameters.

The Choice

The choice of a box maker/printer depends on the characteristics of size and style of the piece to be printed, the material required, the quantity, plant location, their track record and your budget.
The purpose and complexity of the job will often guide quality and cost considerations

So, it may be better to find a one source supplier like ACC with all the in-house capabilities you need - because we are:

  • We are a niche (strength) supplier with lots of dependable automation and a solid reputation for service and delivery.
  • A dedicated focus on packaging solutions from our designers and supervisors.
  • A team of experienced packaging specialists provides value-driven ideas that identify the best supplies solution for your packaging applications.
  • We partner with premier sources such as proactive containerboard mills, ink, and parts supply chain.
  • A highly-trained Customer Relations Management Team answers your questions and handles the details of your order, from placement to shipment.
  • Simply stated, we provide quoting, consultative, and troubleshooting services with timely response when problems occur.
  • JIT inventory controled and other logistics that ensures that you have what you want when you need it. Time defines logistics, but in Arizona the real battle is over reliability of delivery.

Pricing & Value

Every sale requires a choice between value and price. When requesting a price from us, we need detailed product specifications. This is  the basis for comparing services and prices when placeing the order.
  • At times, we ask to approve a sample before proceeding. It becomes part of the order.
  • ACC specifies in detail what is to be bid, including dies or tooling. This allows a more exact apples-to-apples bid comparison
  • Ask about lower prices with additional volume. (Quantity breaks)

Today, in the competetive business world, some buyers and sellers look at corrugated boxes as a commodity with no product differentiation. Price here is the major consideration. Getting three price bids is the game for buyers. Unfortunately, many times their prices and values compare apples to oranges.

Perhaps the best summation of price vs. value is offered by the sales executive who said, “Every product is like a pie cut into eight parts. These slices are Benefits, Quality, Service, Value, Reliability, Satisfaction, a reasonable Profit, and Extra Mileage. Since the part is never greater than the whole, why should Price ever be the the determining factor in a sale?"

Our Unique Box Values are Revealed in Our Quote Analysis:

  • Is this a new, old, or a current design or sample?
  • What are the problems with the old design?
  • Do you need a new sample or a 3D drawing for final approval?
  • Blank  and box dimensions?
  • Quantity? (With 10% over?)
  • Weight of the product shipped?
  • What style of box or display?
  • What is the printing layout? Number of colors?
  • Will it be litho-laminated or flexo?
  • Glued, taped or stitched?
  • Inside or outside tabs?
  • What flute specification?
  • Special die cutting? (Tooling)
  • Cost of materials (board, print plates, ink)?
  • Will it need testing?
  • Logistics?
Samples need to be customer approved before production.